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Global Networks

Hyundai Motor’s future competitiveness lies in the strength of its sales and networks

Strengthening our sales network so customers can experience modern premium

In addition to producing region-specific, localized models, Hyundai Motor Company has also been strengthening its global sales network through diverse efforts such as creating exclusive showrooms for premium luxury cars such as the Genesis and Centennial (Equus), opening showrooms at prime locations in major cities such as New York, London, Beijing, and Moscow, remodeling showrooms worldwide based on new, global dealership design standards, and reinforcing training of employees at the frontlines. Hyundai Motor Company will continue to upgrade its dealerships and to provide differentiated services to customers to boost satisfaction.

Technical research centers, our base camp
for global leadership

Namyang Technology Research Center
World class capacity, comprehensive technology R&D center
Employs 11,000 researchers
Consists various centers for design and engineering, power training, performance and test driving, aero-acoustic wind tunnel, and environmental R&D

Environmental Technology Center
Pioneers development of environmentally friendly vehicles such as hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles
Vehicle recycling and clean manufacturing technology developments

Korea Central Research Institute
Located in Uiwang City, Gyeonggi Province.
Develops frontier and new growth engine technologies
Focuses on research related to the environmental, energy, intelligent safety, human engineering and cutting-edge materials.

America Technical Center
State-of-the-art R&D center located in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Operates Hyundai California Design & Technical Center, and driving tracks

Europe Technical Center
Located near Frankfurt, Germany
Develops quality automobiles and engines that meet environment regulations

Japan Technical Center
Located in Yokohama.
Focuses on advanced technologies, such as cutting-edge electronics and hybrid technology.

India Technical Center
Located in Hyderabad
Designs Indian market focused strategic vehicles and supports back-end operations

China Technical Center
Located in Yantai.
Registered in Feb. 2013.
Develop vehicles tailored to the Chinese market, which is rapidly emerging as the biggest automotive market in the world.
Built on a 1,840,000 m² lot.
Expected to serve as a global R&D hub that will make Hyundai presense in China to the next level.

Design centers, creators of global trends

Namyang design center
The Hyundai design center at the Namyang technology research center is amassing world-class design capabilities to improve the quality of design so that the company can gain leadership in the world’s automotive market and make a leap to become a premium brand. Building on the vibrant forms inspired by nature of the Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy, it develops vehicle interiors and exteriors using computer-based digital design. In addition, it is opening a new chapter as a global trend leader by incorporating new materials and new technologies into designs and enabling customers to experience the value of Modern Premium through the use of more elegant colors and advanced materials.

Global design network
The Hyundai design center is a design network centered around the comprehensive global design center at the Namyang technology research center that extends to Europe, USA, India, China and Japan. It leverages this network to grasp customers’ lifestyle trends and to develop differentiated design strategies for each region. The North America and Europe design centers are developing competitive models that support Hyundai’s regional development strategies, and design studios in India, China and other emerging markets are showcasing designs that reflect the needs of local consumers to deliver the unique value of Modern Premium to customers.