Hyundai Motor Company is developing
bobsleds of the Korean National bobsleigh team

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Korean bobsleigh team has participated in many international competitions through the inadequate circumstance of not owning their own track. At the Vancouver Olympics 2010, they made it to the Men’s final 4 even though it was their first Olympic tournament. In 2012, the team demonstrated their power once more by placing 3rd at the America’s Cup. And at the 2013 America’s Cup they succeeded in gaining consecutive gold medals for the 8th and 9th competition, which had never been accomplished before. And won consecutive gold medals in the 8th and 9th competition of the America Cup. The bobsleigh national team heightened our nation’s status by touching people’s hearts and raising hope, by finishing first in both 5th and 8th competition of the 2016 World Cup. These events brought pride and hope to the future of Korean bobsledding.

With the upcoming PyeongChang Olympics and finally owning our very own track, the Korean bobsleigh team is working towards the ultimate goal of our first Olympic gold medal.
Hyundai Motor Company has been working with the Korean National bobsleigh team throughout the manufacturing process. In September, 2014, Hyundai Motors and Korea Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation had a sponsorship signing ceremony, and delivered Hyundai-made independent model to the national team in October, 2015.

Hyundai Motor Company improves driving performance through designing a sleigh optimized to airflow which will directly affect new time records. To do this, Hyundai Motor Company plans to utilize the latest wind tunnel facilities at the
R&D center to optimize air resistance of the sleigh through the same process as car testing. In addition, through 3D scanning technology precise measurements of individual athletes can be detected and applied when estimating and improving the air resistance of the bobsleigh team. Also, the lightweight carbon-fiber used on the WRC rally car will be applied to the bobsled
in order to improve performance speed and strong structure.