Hyundai Motor is making the smart car a reality by infusing its cars with advanced technologies.


The age of smart cars is approaching fast as automobiles are increasingly making full use of electronic technology developments. There are already cars out there which can drive themselves, automatically adjust speed and maneuver into the hard shoulder in emergency situations.

Smart Traffic
Jam Assist
Traffic Jam Assist eases driving with automatic
steering control and maintains a safe distance
in stop-and-go traffic.
Jam Assist
In stop-and-go traffic, Traffic Jam Assist monitors
the road ahead with steering assist control and
automatically maintains a safe distance behind
the car in front, accelerating and decelerating
as traffic allows at a steady speed.
Voice Recognition
Created with the latest IT development and
the AVN system, the new technology lets the driver
control ‘Siri’ and mobile phone with ease.
Voice Recognition
Created with the latest IT development and the AVN
system, the new technology enables an interactive
voice recognition through the speaker or a button
that allows the driver to control ‘Siri (Apple’s voice
recognition service)’ and the mobile phone with ease.
Night View The advanced real-time camera display feature
provides optimized road visibility for
nighttime driving conditions.
Night View The advanced feature of the real-time camera
display provides the driver with optimized road visib
lity and enhanced safety for nighttime driving conditions.
Highway Driving
Integrating longitudinal and lateral control,
the system is designed to enhance the
driving support system on a highway.
Highway Driving
Designed to enhance the driving support system, Highway
Driving Assist System integrates longitudinal and lateral
control for the speed range under 150kph and assists
driver steering while keeping the vehicle at a safe
distance with Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) for
a more efficient and safer driving on a highway.

Driver State Monitoring

Driver State Monitoring system monitors any signs of driver’s drowsiness, fatigue or distraction to effectively
protect the driver from dangerous situations by triggering an alarm at an appropriate time.

Remote Parking
Assist System
Without driver in the vehicle, parallel and
diagonal parking can be completed
with a single smart key.
Remote Parking
Assist System
With automated steering, braking and changing direction
aid system, the vehicle finishes parking itself while
driver pushing single smart key button.
Smart Blind Spot
Provides warning and controls the vehicle actively when
the risk of lateral collision is detected.
Smart Blind Spot
Warns the driver and actively control the vehicle when
the possibility of lateral collision accident is
higher than threshold.
Augmented Reality New integration of a real camera footage enables
3D Navigation for a better driving experience.
Augmented Reality Advanced from the usage of a standard
map image for road guidance, the integration of
a real camera footage provides 3D
Navigation for a better driving experience.
Motion Recognition Hyundai’s latest three-dimensional hand
gesture recognition gives the driver
greater control of multiple features.
Motion Recognition Developed from the first Haptic Steering Wheel
Switch in 2012, the driver can take greater control
of multiple features at the same time with the latest
three-dimensional hand gesture recognition.

Currently includes mass-production

technology under consideration.