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        Luxury, in a class
        of its own
        An elite car for an elite performer.
        That's what you get in Centennial / Equus.
        Best Luxury full size car for 2013
        - Automobile magazine, Middle East
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          Concept & design
          An ambitious car for the driver who’s achieved it all. In its form, ride and convenience, the Centennial / Equus is luxury redefined.
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          Driving dynamics
          Masterful ride boasts unrivaled power at your disposal. Experience the sheer power of Centennial / Equus.
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          Driving comfort & safety
          Relax not just in the comforts of luxury, but in the peace of knowing you’re protected. The Centennial / Equus takes style and safety to new heights.
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        Masterful design &
        control worthy of a VIP

        Once again, Hyundai makes a powerful design statement that embodies you
        - your success, your potential, your dreams - in every line and curve. A natural leader.

        • Power sunroof with enhanced safety features
          The wide sunroof senses any obstruction as it slides open and shut, immediately stopping to prevent, for example, hands being caught.
        • LED front fog lamps
          Front LED fog lamps are bright and penetrative, augmenting visibility and safety in murky conditions.
        • Hood emblem
          Luxury cars carry their hood emblem with pride. The distinctive silver winged motif defines the Hyundai marque. Depending on the region, there may be some differences.
        • Puddle lamps
          Puddle lamps welcome you to Centennial / Equus. Mounted under the outside mirrors, they light the way for you and your passengers.
        • LED rear fog lamps
          Rear LED fog lamps emit concentrated red light, making you more visible to traffic behind and improving safety in foggy weather.


        It's good to be at the helm

        With features that give you all the control and comfort you want in the
        driver's seat, you are the undisputed master of your ride.

        Rear relaxation seat mode

        Relax in the ultimate comfort of the redesigned
        seats featuring maximum ergonomics.

        Classy colors, cozy textures
        The Centennial / Equus is like a study in light and dark, soft and strong. Customize the interior for a look of luxury that best represents you
        • Clock
          The interior clock of Centennial / Equus carries all the hallmarks of premium aviation design.
        • Rear seat entertainment system
          With two 9.2" displays, one set into the back of each front seat, rear seat passengers can enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience in the intimate surroundings of Centennial / Equus.
        • Air ventilations
          Adjustable air ventilations located in the B-pillars provide optimum ventilation for rear seat passengers.
        • Luxury suede package and LED room lamps
          The luxury suede interior package is a joy for the senses, easy on the eye and delightful to touch. Meanwhile, LED lamps at the front and rear contribute to the sophisticated ambience.
        • Seat folding system
          The front passenger seat folds and has a long range of forward travel, useful when rear seat passengers want to stretch out, but still wish for a good view through the windscreen.
        • Front and rear luxury door scuff lamps
          In addition to protecting the interior, Centennial / Equus-engraved door scuffs are also illuminated, for an additional VIP touch, welcoming you every time you enter the car.


        5.0 V8 GDi
        gasoline engine

        Named one of the Ward's 10 Best Engines for three consecutive years, the V8 of the Centennial / Equus has been upgraded to a 5.0ℓ GDi powerhouse. Output levels are exceptional: 423 ps at 6,400 rpm with 50.5 kg·m torque at 5,000 rpm. Boasting all-aluminum construction, it's lighter too.

        • 5,038 cc
        Max. Power
        • 423 ps
        • 6,400 rpm
        Max. Torque
        • 50.5 kg·m
        • 5,000 rpm

        3.8 V6 GDi
        gasoline engine  

        Introducing the improved version of the world-renowned V6 engine. Now a 3.8 GDi unit, it's as durable, fuel efficient and lightweight with minimum noise and vibration levels as you'd expect it to be, while also delivering more impressive low rpm torque (334 ps at 6,400 rpm and 40.3 kg·m at 5,100 rpm).

        • 3,778 cc
        Max. Power
        • 334 ps
        • 6,400 rpm
        Max. Torque
        • 40.3 kg·m
        • 5,100 rpm


        The lightweight, superbly engineered 8-speed automatic transmission, utilizing SHIFTRONIC® technology, provides delightfully smooth, almost imperceptible gear shifts.

        Shift-by-wire transmission system
        Effortless gear shifting is an article of faith in luxury vehicles. The shift-by-wire transmission system of Centennial / Equus operates using purely electrical signals, with all mechanical links between gear selector and gearbox removed. Gear changes are thus smoother, more progressive and more convenient.
        • Electronic continuous damping control
          Depending on the road conditions, electronic continuous damping control activates to vary the ride height to ensure a stable, steady and smooth drive.
        • Optimum aerodynamics with reduced noise
          Pushing aerodynamic efficiency to the max, the new Centennial / Equus has paid particular attention to minimizing noise.
          Road noise is lowered thanks to improved wheel rigidity, and wind noise is reduced through redesigned wing mirrors, while noise from both the engine and transmission is also reduced.
        • Unequalled driving “performance”
          The handling, ride and road holding of Centennial / Equus are without peer-the result of perfect equilibrium between design and engineering. Meanwhile, a renewed focus on cutting out extraneous noise means driving is the relaxing, refined experience it’s meant to be. Innovative chassis construction technology allied with the use of high tensile steel increase rigidity while further reducing noise and vibration. All of which combines with rear wheel drive, which enhances the even, precise handling by providing ideal front & rear weight distribution.


        Protected on all aspects

        Three layers of protection - warning, active and passive measures
        - work together to keep you and your passengers safe.

        Airbag system technology
        With 9 airbags in the car, you can ride reassured. In addition to front airbags and those on the side (both front and rear), you get a full-length curtain airbags and driver's knee airbag for a system that works in conjunction with seatbelt pretensioners and active headrests in the event of an impact.
        Blind spot detection (BSD)
        Radars on both sides of the rear bumper detect vehicles that enter the Centennial / Equus’ blind spot. When this happens, a warning indicator on the outside wing mirror flashes, to alert you to the danger.
        Smart cruise control (SCC)
        Smart cruise control (SCC) not only maintains a set vehicle speed, it also maintains a set distance from the car in front. What’s more, if the vehicle in front of you stops, you stop as well.
        All around view display system
        It's the next best thing to having four sets of eyes. Cameras in the front, left, right and rear give you a 360-degree view of your car's location. Just view the video in the dashboard monitor. You won't miss a thing.
        • Parking assist system
          The parking assist system uses a 9.2” center console display to show the view from the rear camera. Simple graphic lines form perfect guidelines to park within.
        • Electric chromic outside mirrors (ECM)
          Lights behind you too bright? The ECM outside mirrors will sense this and dim them down to make sure you won’t strain your eyes and to keep you safe.
        • Active accelerator pedal
          This works in conjunction with the car’s safety and ECO driving systems. Should a potentially dangerous situation arise, further downward foot pressure is prevented, and the pedal vibrates under your foot as a warning.
        • Auto defogging system
          The auto defogging system uses a sensor to deploy automatically when the windshield mists up, to clear the glass.
        • Seatbelt pretensioners
          At the moment of collision, seatbelt pretensioners tighten to hold occupants firmly in their seats, preventing them from being thrown forward forcefully and mitigating injury.


        Head-Up Display

        Now you can keep your head up with driving information that's projected on the windshield.
        This means you can keep your eyes on the road and on the information you need.

        Premium sound system
        With 13 channels and 17 speakers (608 watts), the Lexicon sound system with Discrete Logic7 provides you with the perfect driving companion. Enjoy unrivaled sound, wherever you're sitting.
        Smart key
        Allowing convenient keyless entry to the car, the sophisticated card-type smart key can be easily carried in your wallet.
        Drive mode
        With three different drive modes – Normal, Sport and Snow – you can select the ride quality to suit your preferred level of cushioning and body motion, or simply in response to the road surface conditions.
        Driver information system (DIS)
        The Driver information system (DIS), easily operated by dial, push and enter control, provides quick access to the multimedia system, placing even more information at your fingertips. The navigation system and the shark antenna apply only to certain countries.
        • Storage system (cooling / warming)
          Keep your drinks and snacks as cool or warm as you like. A cooling/warming box is integrated into the rear armrest console.
        • Haptic control
          Built into the steering wheel, you can control a range of in-car functions just as you would a smartphone with a touchscreen. It provides a modern, dynamic user interface and minimizing driver distraction.
        • Electric parking brake (EPB)
          Parking the Centennial / Equus securely requires just one touch of the electronic parking brake. An indicator light illuminates to show that the brake is on.
        • Connectivity (USB and Aux)
          A USB port on the front center facia lets you plug in your MP3 player and Smartphone or other portable media player and stream your favorite music through the Centennial / Equus's superlative audio system.
        • Floor console
          A floor console provides comfort on long journeys and opens up to reveal a convenient compartment, the ideal location for small items like sunglasses and other essentials.
        • At your convenience
          Design allows for convenient use of the power outlet by allowing for easy connection of the cable. iPod touch is a trademark of Apple Inc, registered in U.S. and other countries. Cable and USB car charger are not provided with your purchase.
        Tire labelling grade
        Tire supplier Tire size Fuel Efficiency
        Wet Grip
        External Rolling Noise
        *GRADE / Result (dB)
        Hankook 245/50R18 C C W2 / 71(dB)
        245/45R19 C C W2 / 71(dB)