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    Exterior Color
      Interior Covering
        2014 GOOD DESIGN
        • A testament to technological possibilities
        • Powerful in performance, smooth in style
        • The most advanced features, in one place


        The image may differ from the actual product.


        The Safety of Genesis
        is now revealed once again

        All-new Genesis was the first and only rear-wheel drive vehicle in its class to receive
        the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)’s highest honor as a 2014 TOP SAFETY PICK+.

        iF Product Design Award 2014 Transportation design / special vehicles category 2014 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Qualified with 2015 Hyundai Genesis in U.S. / Canadian specifications, equipped with optional front crash prevention.
        Genesis-made by, for and like human
        With heart and soul, structure and muscle and intelligence and emotion,
        the Genesis is an extension of you, on the road.
        • Advanced high strength steel (AHSS)

          Genesis improved the sturdiness of the vehicle's body and safety by increasing the use of Advanced
          high strength steels (AHSS) to 51.5%, which directly improves the precision of handling and helps to
          mute even the smallest vibrations and noise, elevating the pleasure of driving.


          Genesis generates a high torque of 36.5 kg·m even at the low rpm ranges of 2,000 rpm, significantly
          increasing performance and reaction capabilities even at speeds of 80 to 120 km/h. In addition, a
          partition installed in the engine cavity minimizes high-frequency noise including engine start-up noise
          and engine sound during high speed acceleration.

          3.8 V6 GDi
          gasoilne engine

          2nd generation Genesis
          1st generation Genesis
          36.5 kg·m
          Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH)

          Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) measures
          range from the complete blockage of noise to the
          creation of new sounds that enhance driving
          pleasure. Moreover, it minimizes the penetration
          of engine noise and noise from the road by
          installing a bulkhead in the engine compartment
          and using effective soundproofing materials.

          51.5% Advanced
          high-strength steels
          A bulkhead in the engine
          revving sound
          Dynamic tuning of
          accelation sound
          Diamond-shaped structure

          End pipes and diamond-shaped
          strut tower bars reinforce engine
          compartment strength, enabling
          agile handling.

          Ride and Handling (R&H)

          Driving agility and precise steering with the direct steering system.

          • Rack motor driven
            power steering (R-MDPS)

            Rack motor driven power steering (R-MDPS) is an electric steering system that enhances steering response and stability by directly operating the rack with a high power 13 kN electric motor that even improves fuel efficiency by 2.9% compared to regular hydraulic power steering systems.

          • Variable gear ratio (VGR)

            The gear pitch of the rack bar is wider at both ends, in order to maximize stability and agility with the gear ratio adjusted by section and provide excellent neutral steering.

        • Rear-wheel drive (RWD)

          Rear-wheel drive makes it possible to optimize the
          distribution of weight of the vehicle and to divide the
          roles of steering and power transmission between the
          front wheels and the rear wheels respectively for
          smoother and more precise handling. Thus, the vehicle
          delivers a sportier yet more comfortable drive with
          outstanding driving response.

          Advanced traction cornering control (ATCC)

          Advanced traction cornering control (ATCC) applies a braking force to wheels that do not require
          traction when making turns to increase traction of wheels on the opposite side and improve agility
          and stability when making turns.

          Traction Control
          Braking Control
          New Technologies for Improved Safety

          Maximized safety through advance alerts, advanced speed control activated at high-risk distances and
          speeds by organically integrating Head-up display (HUD) and Autonomous emergency braking (AEB).

          • Head-up display (HUD)

            It enables the driver to see key driving information
            reflected on the windshield glass without being
            distracted, supporting safe driving.

            Find out more

          • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)

            It detects your proximity to vehicles in front of you by
            reading the front radar and camera.

            Find out more
        • Exterior

          Our nature-inspired design philosophy has evolved. Authentic fluidic dynamism balances toughness with
          organic and sculptural softness. The result is an improved air resistance coefficient value of 0.26,
          increased driving efficiency and absolute beauty.

          • 1st generation
          • 2nd generation

          The simple horizontal layout, the large display and the consistent layout of switches provides ambient
          visual effects and convenient control. With the Analog clock, the monitor, the Air conditioning system and
          multimedia system were placed on top down order, considering usability, consistency and harmonious

          • Monitor
          • Air conditioning system
          • Multimedia system
        Design and value that win you over

        • Radiator grille
          Beauty lies in the lines. You get your pick of silver paint with chrome or black paint with chrome accents. The effect is elegance, your way.

        • LED front fog lamps
          It may be foggy out, but your driving doesn't have to be. LED front fog lamps pierce through dense fog to show you what's ahead.

        • Hood emblem
          The hood emblem emphasizes an elegant front design and fluidic aesthetics, showing off Hyundai's always modern look.

        • Outside mirror repeaters
          Turn heads with stylish outside mirror repeaters that make for safer lane changing and greater vehicle visibility.

        • LED rear fog lamps
          See red and see better. LED rear fog lamps that emit a concentrated red light show you more, be it in rain, snow or fog.

        • Shark fin antenna
          The shark fin antenna, which boasts superior sensitivity, is a premium styling point in the sporty exterior design.

        • Puddle lamps
          Puddle lamps are automatically activated when the driver approaches the car, improving the convenience of opening doors and getting in and out of the car. The subtle glow of the Genesis logo on the floor is guaranteed give a unique satisfaction to those entering the car.

        • Alloy wheels
          High-performance 17", 18" and 19" alloy wheels ensure a smooth ride. The biggest and most stylish 19" wheels come with 245/40 R19 in the front and 275/35 R19 in the rear and help improve driving performance.

        • Dual muffler
          The dual muffler tail trim integrated with the bumper was applied to the lower part of the rear bumper, and the dual twin tip muffler was applied to the 5.0 model.
        The comfort of home, wherever you go
        Seat color
        • Créme
        • Beige
        • Carmel
        • Gray
        • Black
        • Leather
        • Premium leather
        • Real wood (Black ash)
        • Leather
        • Premium leather
        • Wood grain (Oak stripe)
        • Real wood (Walnut)
        • Leather
        • Premium leather
        • Real wood (Walnut)
        • Leather
        • Premium leather
        • Wood grain (Ebony stripe)
        • Real wood (Brown ash)
        • Leather
        • Premium leather
        • Wood grain (Ebony stripe)
        • Real wood (Brown ash)
        • Seat materials
        • Garnish materials
        Luxurious interior materials

        Rich and elegant colors add depth to the excellently crafted interior. Seats come in five and natural leather means a whole lot
        of plush. Genesis uses open pore real wood and premium napa leather, which have maintained their natural beauty,
        as well as real aluminum details that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the interior.

        Supervision cluster
        with 7" color TFT LCD

        All the information you need while driving,
        and futuristic graphics at that. The
        supervision cluster with 7" large color TFT
        LCD shows everything from energy flow to
        tire pressure in an easy-to-read format.

        Power steering wheel

        Genesis' steering wheel breaks away from
        traditional shapes and layouts. Steering
        wheel remote controls are grouped within a
        50 mm to 105 mm reach zone for
        user-friendliness. Moreover, The heated,
        electric tilt & telescopic power steering wheel
        lets you adjust the position and temperature
        of the wheel to your liking.

        9.2" touch pad display

        The split screen feature on the 9.2" HD display conveniently allows the driver to check navigational information as well as AV / other information at the same time. The combination of intuitive icon designs and GUI, touch screen controls and world-class Lexicon speakers provide maneuverability and outstanding sound quality. The 8.0" and 9.2" color TFT navigation systems are only available in select regions.

        Electric backlite curtain

        Enjoy privacy and shade from all sides
        with the electric backlite curtain, which
        goes down the backlite with the touch of
        a button. Going in reverse? The screen
        will automatically go up.

        Rear seat
        center armrest

        Large rear armrests enable the integrated controls of rear seats and multimedia functions. The armrests have large-sized console box and dual cup holders embedded, maximizing storage. With the 8-way power seat adjustment system, you can adjust your powered seat to go forward and backward and to slide and recline.

        Manual rear door curtains

        For those who want more than just tinted windows, manual rear door side curtains give you an extra layer of privacy and protection from the sun.


        • Illuminated door scuffs
          Door scuffs light up elegantly and discretely
          while boarding and getting off the vehicle
          creating moments of pride.

        • Analog clock
          An analog clock complements state-of-the-
          art systems to bring a warm touch that
          enhances the comfort of your drive.

        • Overhead console
          Three switches are located inside the over-
          head console for improved usability - room
          lamps, panorama sunroof, roll blinds and
          room lamp activation system when the door
          is opened.

        • Rear seat entertainment system
          Bring on the traffic. With a dual-monitor rear
          seat entertainment system, your passengers
          in the rear can watch movies and more,
          on the go.
        We've improved performance at the low-to-mid-speed range. The result is dynamic
        operations achieved at actual speed range.
        • 5.0 V8 GDi
          gasoline engine with D-CVVT

          The V8 delivers aggressive accelerating force and power
          that is smooth, quiet and silky. Controlled power, at its best.
          It produces 413 ps at 6,000 rpm and 51.5 kg·m of maximum
          torque at 5,000 rpm.

          Max. Power
          413 ps
          Max. Toque
          51.5 kg·m
        • 3.8 GDi
          gasoline engine with D-CVVT

          The Genesis boasts the most powerful and advanced engine
          Hyundai has to offer. It produces 315 ps at 6,000 rpm and
          40.5 kg·m of maximum torque at 5,000 rpm.

          Max. Power
          315 ps
          Max. Toque
          40.5 kg·m
        • 3.3 GDi
          gasoline engine with D-CVVT

          The Genesis boasts the most powerful and advanced engine
          Hyundai has to offer. It produces 282 ps at 6,000 rpm and
          35.4 kg·m of maximum torque at 5,000 rpm.

          Max. Power
          282 ps
          Max. Toque
          35.4 kg·m

        • 8-speed automatic transmission
          Genesis offers a wealth of technological advancements such as a turbine damper torque converter, high-strength aluminum carrier, integrated sensors and wiring, and a direct control solenoid valve body.

        • Electronically-controlled air suspension (ECS)
          Electronically-controlled air suspension (ECS) controls damping force based on road conditions and driving mode to help improve ride and stability. In normal, eco, snow modes, ECS provides superior ride comfort.
        Rest assured and just enjoy the drive, secure in the knowledge that you're
        protected by high-tech safety measures.



        110 km/h
        110 km/h




        • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)

          The Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system automatically activates the brake when it
          detects dangerous sudden brake activation by the car ahead by reading the front radar signal
          from the Smart cruise control (SCC) and the signals from the Lane departure warning system
          (LDWS) camera. It stops the vehicle to minimize damage to it and the driver in emergencies.

          The brake system is fully activated at speeds below 80 km/h. Only available in select regions.
        • Smart cruise control (SCC)

          The radar sensor installed in the front of the vehicle detects the distance
          from the car ahead, and automatically maintains the distance and speed
          set by the driver.

        • Blind spot detection (BSD) and Rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA)

          The Blind spot detection (BSD) system alerts the driver when there is an object in a blind spot and
          makes a second alert if the driver turns on the turn signal and attempts to make a lane change.
          In addition, the Rear cross traffic alert (RCTA) system alerts the driver if an object is about to cross
          the rear of the vehicle from the left or the right.

        • Lane departure warning system (LDWS)

          Stay on the road with the Lane departure warning system (LDWS).
          The LDWS, using a camera mounted on top of the windshield, will vibrate
          the steering wheel when the vehicle is departed from the lane.

        • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

          Let the Genesis worry about tire pressure. The Tire pressure monitoring system
          (TPMS) will keep your tires in check and signal, via supervision cluster with 7"
          large color TFT LCD, if anything is wrong.

        • AEB
        • SCC
        • BSD/RCTA
        • LDWS
        • TPMS
        • END

        • 9-airbag system
          The Genesis boasts sophisticated airbag system to keep you safe in the event of a collision. Smart front airbags, side curtain airbags, front and rear side airbags and knee airbag have you covered.

        • Seatbelt pre-tensioners
          Now this is a belt with brains. Seatbelt pre-tensioners help you fasten your seatbelt in a snap and even tightens its hold on you upon sensing impact.

        • Active hood system
          A hood that protects the pedestrian's head in the event of an emergency. That's what you get with the active hood system, to absorb shocks as an actuator lifts the hood. Protection for pedestrian and outside it, too.
        From premium Drive information system (DIS) navigation to the Head-up display (HUD),
        advanced features make for smart driving.
          • Back hardness : Medium
          • Back hardness : Hard
          • Driver's power side bolster
          • Driver's extendable cushion
          • Back hardness : Soft
          • Cushion hardness : Medium
          • Cushion hardness : Hard
          • Cushion hardness : Soft
          To improve comfort, Genesis uses pads of different hardness in each section of the seat and side
          bolsters in the back with air cells that can be adjusted to maximize driver's comfort.
          Furthermore, the seat cushion can be extended to further optimize drivers' leg support.
        • Human machine interface

          Human machine interface (HMI) is optimized
          so that drivers can manipulate the system more easily
          and with minimal distraction. Based on an ergonomic
          design for easy and convenient use,
          HMI includes the steering wheel,
          seat adjustment, center fascia,
          door trim and floor console.

          • Cross-cut view
          • Paddle shifter
          • Genesis' steering wheel veers
            away from traditional shapes to
            deliver a tighter grip that provides
            greater comfort even in long drives.

          • Remote control

            Driver can intuitively use grouping of switches
            on steering wheel such as, phone control, auto
            cruise control and audio remote control.

          • Large hand-resting area

            Optimized placement and
            modification of padding on
            the steering wheel improves
            the grip and helps prevent
            mistakes in operation.

        • Parking guide system (PGS)
          Park like a pro with the Parking guide system (PGS), which will help you get in place with helpful guidelines.

        • Electric parking brake (EPB)
          Tugging at a lever is so yesterday. With the Electric parking brake (EPB), you can activate the parking brake with the touch of a button.

        • Smart key
          The sleek, card-type smart key is not only convenient to use, but also a source of satisfaction for owners of Genesis.

        • Seat warming & cooling air ventilation system
          Three-level cooling and heating options enables you to adjust the level of ventilation of seatbacks and seat cushions.

        • Rain sensor
          Sensors automatically adjust the speed of wipers according to the density of rain to provide greater visibility.