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        H100 - Fresh Styling and top dynamic Performance - Relaxed character lines, A new quality of comfort in the workplace, Stronger and quieter


        • Efficient cargo space

          The trunk is only 775 mm high for more convenient cargo loading and unloading. Up to 1 ton of cargo can be loaded.

        • High-performance 2.5 CRDi diesel engine

          It offers 130 ps and 26.0 kg·m torque! The eco-friendly engine re-circulates exhaust gases back to the engine to reduce nitrous oxide pollutants.

        • More powerful and safer brake system

          It has a shorter braking distance because of the powerful braking performances of 15″ brakes and 8″ and 9″ booster.

        • EXTERIOR- Wide view outside mirror
          - Cargo
          - Tool box
        • INTERIOR- Driver seat adjustment
          - Floor console
          - Storage system (door)
          - Overhead console
          - Glove box
        • PERFORMANCE- 2.5 CRDi diesel engine
          - Chassis
          - Variability and flexibility
        • SAFETY- Locking differential (LD)
          - Brakes to depend on
          - Power window controls
        • CONVENIENCE- Sedan-inspired cluster
          - Manual tilt power steering wheel
          - Air conditioning system
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        Stylish, versatile
        and tough

        You get sophisticated styling that
        makes a confident statement about you
        and your business. And along with
        its smart, modern styling, H100 delivers
        an equal measure of versatility and toughness.
        And because it's a Hyundai, you know H100
        is very economical to own and operate.
        So why make compromises when choosing
        your next truck?
        H100 has you covered.

        • Outside mirrors
          A useful and meaningful safety enhancement, especially when parking, wide-angle outside mirrors provide a wide rear view.

        • Cargo space
          Cargo space designed for work with a lower deck height of just 775 mm and an unobstructed load area, the H100 makes fast and efficient work of loading and unloading cargo weights of up to 1000 kg. Latching side walls and a bolting tailgate add extra security and cargo protection.

        • Tool box
          The exterior mounted tool box is available in three generous sizes to transport and protect your tools.


        An exceptionally efficient
        and functional comfort

        It's no secret that a comfortable workplace improves efficiency,
        so it's no surprise that the H100 offers a new level of comfort.
        Extra seat and shoulder width for freedom of movement, a driver
        oriented console and car-like instrument cluster put comfort and
        control at the drivers fingertips. In additional convenience details
        such as the forward folding center front seat, sunglasses and
        cup holders, together with a whole range of well thought out and
        organized storage facilities, all combine to provide an exceptionally
        efficient and functional comfort.

        • Driver seat adjustment
          It slides and reclines to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Lumbar support is exclusive to higher grades.

        • Floor console
          When you fold center front seat, you can find 2 cup holders and tray. Further, the small box, behind the tray to open manually, is offered some space to hold maps and paperwork for convenient journey.

        • Storage system (door)
          Documents, maps, or even light refreshments are easily stored and ready for use in the door mounted storage pockets.

        • Overhead console
          Central room lamps with a built-in holder for the drivers sunglasses is just one more example of Hyundai’s attention to detail, quality and driver well being.

          Glove box
          A cool box in a light truck? With the H100 naturally, while the upper tray holds personal and business items conveniently ready to hand. The integrated cup holder is detachable for easy cleaning.


        The Hyundai H100 a quiet
        revolution in light trucks

        Powerful enough to make light work of virtually any task or terrain, while surprisingly
        economical to operate. Compact enough to cope with limited spaces, but with
        a payload and crew capability usually confined to much larger vehicles.

        • 2.5 CRDi diesel engineFuel type : Diesel
          Displacement : 2,497 cc
          Max. Power : 130 ps / 3,800 rpm
          Max. Torque : 26.0 kg·m / 1,500 - 3,500 rpm

          Entering its second generation, 2.5 CRDi diesel engine has been substantially refined to reduce vibration and achieve quieter operation. Delivering a maximum output of 130 ps at 3,800 rpm and maximum torque of 26 kg.m at 1,500 - 3,500 rpm, the 2.5 CRDi diesel engine employs a Common rail direct injection system (CRDi) and an EGR cooler which re-circulates exhaust gases back to the engine to reduce nitrous oxide pollutants. For pure economy, Hyundai offers the naturally aspirated 2.6 diesel engine. Mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and displacing 2.6 liters, it has a maximum output of 79 ps at 4,000 rpm and maximum torque of 17 kg.m at 2,200 rpm.
        • 2.6 Diesel (Natural Aspiration)
          Fuel type : Diesel
          Displacement : 2,607 cc
          Max. Power : 79 ps / 4,000 rpm
          Max. Torque : 17.0 kg·m / 2,200 rpm

        • Chassis
          Tough 100 x 50 mm steel section chassis with double wishbone and torsion bar, front suspension and rear leaf springs, driven by a choice of 2.6 naturally aspirated or 2.5 turbo diesel engines, makes the H100 a supreme performer. Side impact bars, single molding body panels and a variable cross-section cowl cross member are significant safety features.

        • So versatile, so flexible
          Choose from long or extra-long wheelbases, high/low type rear decks. H100 can be configured to perfectly suit your business needs. Your Hyundai dealer will be happy to advise and consult on all the possibilities.


        • Locking differential (LD) When driving over soft, muddy or uneven road surfaces, you can suddenly lose traction and control of the vehicle. The Locking differential (LD) ensures that you get maximum traction. It is automatically activated at speeds over 30kph and is more efficient than a Limited slip differential (LSD).

        • Brakes to depend on
          At 15″ disk brakes are amply sized and they are ventilated for fade-free braking. A tandem 8″ and 9″ booster ensure that the stopping power of H100 matches the dynamic performance. A front mounted anti-roll bar provides additional reinforcement for confident, precise steering and handling.

          Power window controls
          Intuitively simple to operate, these are the switches for power windows and central locking. Fine design highlights even the smallest details.


        Stylish and practical

        When we say that the H100 was designed to set new
        standards for light trucks we mean it. The list of features
        surpasses even some well-equipped private cars, and
        some have never, ever been available in this class before.

        • Cluster
          Instruments that are comprehensive, easy to read and fully in vision. High quality information effortlessly and elegantly delivered is a hallmark of the H100.

        • Manual tilt power steering wheel
          Precise power steering reduces driving effort, improving safety. The optional manual tilt steering wheel further personalizes this benefit to the individual driver.

        • Air conditioning system
          Centrally mounted with easy and efficient dial controls, keeps the driver and passenger fresh and alert. (optional)

        • Lockable fuel filler cap
          Protection for the fuel supply is provided by the security of a locking fuel filler flap.

        • Side step
          Easy access speeds operations and cuts fatigue. In addition to optimally placed grab handles, the H100 offers this convenient side step.

        • Tailgate bolt
          Secure loads are safe loads. The tailgate bolt serves to keep your cargo on the truck rather than the road.

        • Sidewall latch
          Added side security for cargo retention comes in the form of these robust sidewall latches (front).

        • Foldable stopper
          Foldable long load retention pegs help keep ladders, pipes, wood and all other longer loads firmly in place.

        • Maintenance free battery
          A positive asset in all-operating conditions, adding worry-free durability to electrical dependability.

        • Hood
          The hood is designed to open easily as a passenger car which provides exceptional maintenance or emergency access.
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