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    Exterior Color
      Interior Covering
        ioniq hybrid THE ALL-NEW IONIQ
        • Class-leading energy efficiency
        • Striking design
        • Fun to drive


        The image may differ from the actual product.
        IONIQ Hybrid delivers everything you expect from a conventional car,
        but with all the environmental and economic benefits of an electric vehicle.


        Impressive, high-performance components
        of IONIQ hybrid’s aerodynamic body are ideally
        designed to work seamlessly together.

        • Smooth Striking design accents are integrated
          into the smooth sculpted surfaces
          of the bodywork.
        • Aerodynamic With a drag coefficient (Cd)
          of just 0.24, IONIQ not only looks
          attractive but delivers an
          even smoother ride.

        Connectivity services and Wireless charging

        The wide LCD panel offers a spacious area for display of driving and vehicle information. Wireless
        charging and extended connectivity services are at the tip of your finger.

        Apple CarPlay™ is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
        Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
        • Informed
        • Connected
        The IONIQ Hybrid blends stunning design and superlative aerodynamic performance.
        A pure statement of dynamic confidence.
        • exterior_car_front_wwh
          daytime running
          lights (DRL)
          moreHID Bi-Xenon
          moreForm and function
          • exterior_front_sub1
            LED daytime running lights (DRL) Dynamic C-shaped LED daytime running lights (DRL) refine air intakes that feed the Active Airflow, reducing turbulence around the front wheels.
          • exterior_front_sub2
            HID Bi-Xenon headlamps IONIQ Hybrid offers two headlamps technologies : HID Bi-Xenon headlamps produce brighter, clearer illumination of the road ahead and are framed by the dynamic C-shape of the LED positioning lamps.
          • exterior_front_sub3_01_wwh
            Form and function Dynamically styled headlamps are integrated into the grille extremities. Concealed within the chrome grille is the Smart cruise control (SCC) radar sensor and Active Air Flap (AFF) system that enhance aerodynamics at speed. The signature blue accent bar identifies the hybrid model. only available in select regions
        • exterior_car_side_wwh
          moreOptimized wheels and tires
          moreStreamlined details
          moreWind-cheating efficiency
          • exterior_side_sub1
            Optimized wheels and tires There are two types of IONIQ Hybrid road wheels: The Eco 15” alloy wheels with swirl-effect spokes in silver and black enhance aerodynamic performance, and are fitted with ultra-low rolling resistance tires. Premium 17” alloy wheels with matt grey inserts are equipped with tires that promote agile handling and minimize braking distances.
          • exterior_side_sub2
            Streamlined details Slim contoured door mirrors aid airflow and minimize wind noise. Sleek door handles are finished in chrome to add a premium touch.
          • exterior_side_sub3
            Wind-cheating efficiency The gentle slope of the roofline merges seamlessly into the Rear spoiler. The result is a shape that is both sporty and aerodynamically efficient.
          • Alloy wheels Choose the way you move with newly designed alloy wheels ranging from basic 15" to agile 17" alloy wheel sets.
        • exterior_car_rear_wwh
          Rear spoiler
          moreGlass reviel,
          bumper design &
          signature blue accent
          moreRear combination lamps
          • exterior_rear_sub1
            Integrated Rear spoiler IONIQ’s integrated rear spoiler minimizes turbulence and air resistance while increasing the downforce for a more stable driving experience.
          • exterior_rear_sub2_wwh
            Glass reviel, bumper design & signature blue accent The rear design of IONIQ is dominated by strong horizontal elements that emphasize its wide-track, sporty stance.
          • exterior_rear_sub3
            Rear combination lamps Conventional bulb rear lamps provide a clear signal of intentions to following drivers. LED rear lamps are brighter, use less energy and reinforce the design integrity of the IONIQ Hybrid.

        • Chrome outside door handle
          Unique chrome exterior door handles for added luxury.

        • Rear reflectors
          Sharing a design similar to the LED Daytime running lights, the rear reflectors provide a unified look and feel.

        • Slim outside mirror
          Slim and streamlined housing features an air flow ridge to reduce wind noise and improve aerodynamics.
        The spacious interior of the IONIQ Hybrid is charged with distinct design purity.
        It is evident in the strong horizontal contouring of the dashboard, and the user-friendly
        simplicity of all instruments and controls.
        • D-cut steering wheel

          D-cut steering wheel with chrome-accented spokes helps
          convey the image of sporty performance.

        • Center console multi-
          purpose storage

          Beneath the center armrest is a storage
          space that’s large enough to accommodate a
          tablet PC or a book that’s too big for other
          compartments. Charging is available via the
          console’s USB port.

        • Visual and tactile quality

          Cabin quality is underlined by the
          eye-catching use of chrome highlights on the
          gear knob, pedals and door scuff plates.

        Seat color
        • Black
        • Beige
        • Leather
        • Woven
        • Leather
        • Seat materials
        Eco-friendly materials

        The intelligent use of eco-friendly interior materials confirms
        IONIQ’s status as a sustainably built hybrid car.

        Design accents in signature blue

        The cabin of the IONIQ Hybrid is enhanced by tasteful décor elements in signature blue.

        iPad holder

        Located beneath the front center armrest is a multi-purpose storage compartment that easily accommodates an iPad.

        Instrument cluster

        The large color display provides an extensive range of driving information including speed, fuel economy and the hybrid system’s energy flow. The presentation style changes according to the selected driving mode, Eco or Sport. Depending on the region, there may be some differences.

        Wireless charging for smartphones

        Compatible smartphones can be charged wirelessly via the integrated charge pad.


        • Power driver's seat
          8-way power adjustable driver’s seat plus 2-way lumbar support ensure a comfortable seating position.

        • 6:4 split folding rear seats
          The rear seats are foldable in a 6:4 ratio for additional cargo space.
        The best of hybrid technologies meet Hyundai’s innovation
        in the powerful IONIQ Hybrid for a highly efficient performance.
        • Kappa 1.6
          Atkinson GDi engine

          Kappa 1.6 Atkinson GDi engine delivers greater fuel efficiency with a maximum power of 105 ps at 5,700 rpm and maximum torque of 15.0 kg∙m at 4,000 rpm.

          Max. Power
          105 ps
          Max. Torque
          15.0 kg·m
        • Hybrid
          Electric motor

          Hybrid electric motor efficiently generates a maximum power of 43.5 ps and 170 Nm maximum torque.

          Max. Power
          43.5 ps
          Max. Torque
        Optimized Engine / Motor Operation
        1. Start
        2. Low speed
        3. Accelerate
        4. Accelerate
          & Uphill
        5. Steady Driving
        6. Decelerate
          & Downhill
        7. Stop

        • Electric Motor (EV mode)

          IONIQ hybrid runs solely using its electric motor
          resulting in zero fuel consumption.

        • Electric Motor (EV mode)

          IONIQ hybrid runs solely using its electric motor
          resulting in zero fuel consumption.

        • Engine & Electric Motor

          The Kappa 1.6 GDi engine starts automatically and the
          electric motor contributes power for fuel-efficient operation.

        • Engine & Electric Motor

          The Kappa 1.6 GDi engine starts automatically and the
          electric motor contributes power for fuel-efficient operation.

        • Engine

          IONIQ operates using only its engine when traveling
          steadily at mid to high speeds.

        • Recharging

          Engine is turned off and kinetic energy is captured by the brakes
          and converted into electrical energy to recharge the battery.

        • Engine Hold

          When the vehicle is not in motion,
          both the engine and motor are automatically stopped.

        • Streamlined profile
          IONIQ’S streamlined profile and side edges minimize air resistance.

        • Triple layer dash insulation pad
          Better blocks engine noise from the cabin (PET+TPE+PU)

        • Dash panel optimization
          Differentiated thickness for each panel to decrease N.V.H. levels.
        At the core of IONIQ Hybrid’s design focus is class-leading safety and
        stability engineered to take any road with comfort and ease.
        • Improved connection
          between the side sill
          and the dash
        • Ultra-high-strength passenger
          compartment structure
        • Rear area of the front side member
          has been hot stamped
        • Avoiding steep angles
          on the strut
        • Lane keeping assist system (LKAS)

          Designed primarily to alert drivers who are dozing off at the wheel. Should the vehicle depart
          the driving lane without signaling in advance, the Lane keeping assist system (LKAS)
          recognizes and responds either by issuing an audible alert warning to the driver or by actively
          correcting the steering direction.

          only available in select regions
        • Blind spot detection (BSD)

          The system informs the driver of vehicles in the blind spot, making it easier to change lanes,
          for example. When reversing out of a parking space, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which
          accompanies the BSD system the driver of approaching vehicles and can mitigate the
          consequences of an impending collision.

          only available in select regions
        • Autonomous emergency brake (AEB)

          The system is an advanced driving assistance system that relies on radar signals
          and a forward detection camera to continuously analyze motion patterns.
          On detecting the risk of a collision with a pedestrian or another vehicle then the
          brakes are automatically applied thus minimizing the risk of vehicle damage and/or
          personal injury.

          only available in select regions
        • Smart cruise control (SCC)

          The system is a convenience feature which employs the front mounted radar
          sensor to monitor the vehicle ahead. It automatically maintains the pre-set speed
          and a safe distance between vehicles by regulating the throttle and applying brakes
          when needed.

          only available in select regions
        • LKAS
        • BSD
        • AEB
        • SCC
        • END

        • High-voltage battery relocation
          Secure rear collision space and additional cargo capacity by repositioning battery underneath the rear seats.

        • 7-airbag system
          A driver’s airbag, passenger’s airbag, 2-side airbags and curtain airbags protect passengers in the event of a collision. Straightened body connections and installation of load paths improvements.
        Enjoy a safe, pleasant ride with plenty of
        convenience features tailor-made for your perfect touch.
        • Front / rear parking assist system (PAS) Ultrasound sensors built into the bumper monitor the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle. The alarm sound interval varies according to the distance between the vehicle and the object thus enhancing convenience and safety.
        • 750 liters Luggage space IONIQ arranges its battery beneath its back seat to secure luggage space as spacious as 750L(C-SUV), assuring fuel efficiency and life efficiency.
        • 8” Navigation system - 8” navigation system with capacitive touch screen
          - Infinity Premium Audio with Clari.Fi technology
          - TomTom Live support
          - Smartphone integration Apple CarPlay™ is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
          Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
        • Heated steering wheel Built-in heating element provides warmth and comfort even in the
          coldest weather.

        • Console air vents
          Rear seat air ventilation for cooling and heating.

        • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
          Individual pressure of each tire is displayed on the instrument cluster to warn the driver of low tire pressure.
          only available in select regions

        • Tire mobility kit
          Tire repair kit and tire pump are provided.

        • Safety sunroof
          One-touch sunroof with anti-pinch feature.

        • Smart key / Button start
          Push-button ignition allows the driver to turn the vehicle on and off with the simple touch of a button for maximum driver convenience.

        • Aero blade wipers
          High performance aerodynamic wipers add a luxurious touch.

        • Auto lights
          Turns headlights and taillights on/off automatically using a sensor that detects the brightness (level of illumination) of the surrounding area.

        • Auto cruise control (ACC)
          Auto cruise control (ACC) system allows the driver to automatically adjust and set the speed to maintain a safe distance.
          only available in select regions